Borgo d'Asolo B&B

between history and nature

The Borgo d’Asolo agritourism is located in an ideal position to alternate between moments of pleasant tranquillity and excursions to discover the characteristic destinations of the Veneto.

Very close to us you can visit the magnificent village of Asolo, one of the most beautiful and quaintest in Italy. You can reach some of the most visited destinations of our region either by bike or car.

San Vito di Altivole

Brion Tomb monument

The Brion Tomb is a mausoleum created by the architect-designer Carlo Scarpa and commissioned by Onorina Brion Tomasin in memory of her beloved husband, Giuseppe Brion, who died prematurely. Each year it is visited by young university students who flock from every corner of the world.
You can reach it in no time, on foot if you wish, from the Borgo d’Asolo agritourism.

3 km

City of Asolo

Historical memories and natural panoramas, Medieval vignettes and Palladian villas merge together in the unique reality of the landscape surrounding Asolo. Gently nestling in the contours of the surrounding hills, Asolo is encircled by the soft and inviting shapes of a Mediterranean backdrop of olive trees, vines and cypresses.

The group of hills rises up from the plain between Asolo and Cornuda; to the north it is protected by the stretch of foothills and slightly further west by the Grappa range.

The Asolani hills and

Monte Grappa

The Asolani hills and Monte Grappa provide the option of trips by foot or on horseback and routes of natural and geological interest, not to mention fantastic cycle tourism routes.

The sun-drenched peaks of the hills are covered in meadows where, in between dog roses and juniper bushes, heather and colourful anemones alternate. In places, the mountain is covered in forests which are still rich with ancient chestnut trees, while the shaded valleys are cut through with rivulets of spring water alongside violets, anemones, cyclamens, squirrels, roe deer, blackbirds and chaffinches.

10 km

Castelfranco Veneto

It is located in the western part of the Treviso region and is constructed out of crenellated brick walls which were built by the people of Treviso in 1199 to protect the city from the Padovans. The walls still surround the majority of the old centre or Castello. Castelfranco was the birthplace of Giorgione and in the Duomo we can still admire his famous painting of the Madonna and Child with St. Francis and St. Liberalis, known as the Castelfranco Madonna.

18 km

Bassano del Grappa

An ancient city, with colonnaded houses in the Venetian 16th century style which are often painted on the outside with frescoes, and Baroque palaces. Full of museums. churches, ramparts and bridges over the river, surrounded by mountains. Bassano del Grappa is well-known for the Ponte Vecchio monument and for its thriving economy in the areas of mechanics, footwear, paper, construction and jewellery.

Here, you can also enjoy an excellent grappa and visit the distillation museum.

80 km


Venice is a city with a thousand years of history and a completely unique historical centre. It can be easily reached from the Borgo d’Asolo agritourism either by car or by train from Castelfranco Veneto station.